Misconceptions about Malaysian real estate

Serviced apartments always comes with housekeeping

In Malaysia, the phrase ‘serviced apartment’ or ‘serviced residence’ is almost synonymous with the expatriate lifestyle. While the concept of a serviced apartment here is generalised to be an accommodation with hotel-like facilities used for extended stay, there is a foregone assumption that a serviced apartment entails housekeeping services for all units as provided by the property’s management as part of the ‘service apartment experience’. This is not necessarily true as there are no hard fast rules stating that a serviced apartment must have such services. Some managements like that of Somerset Seri Bukit Ceylon and The Ascott on Jalan Pinang, KL, do include daily housekeeping in their rental charges while others such as The Tropics Designer Suites offers cleaning services for extra charges.

Apartment, schmapartment… it’s just semantics

Other than differences in price range, in-house facilities available and such, condominiums, serviced residences and apartments are just the property developer’s marketing department’s branding efforts, right? Not quite. Condominiums in Malaysia are typically a multiple-unit complex for residential purposes with high-end facilities inclusive of a gymnasium, swimming pool, covered parking bays and security features. While some apartments might have these facilities, they are on the other hand obligated to provide such amenities. Serviced residences, however, can embody the best facilities in the whole wide world but will always be comparatively more expensive than condominiums and apartments, simply because they (serviced apartments) are ‘homes’ built on commercial land. This means that commercial facilities are usually incorporated within the same development but also that utility charges, quit rent, assessment and maintenance fees are higher (i.e. in accordance to commercial rates) than homes built on residential land.

Condominiums are definitely high-rise developments

Oftentimes when one hears the word ‘condominium’, he or she immediately visualises a tall and swanky-looking residential building, possibly with its peak touching the lowest of clouds. Undeniably, many condos in cities around the world are indeed skyscrapers but you should know that a condo doesn’t automatically denote towering structures. There are quite a number of low-rise condos being the preferred choice of abodes these days, resulting in developments such as Seri Duta 1 and Lorong Ampang Dua. Additionally, in case you were wondering, low-rise condos are generally not more than 12 storeys high.

Source: HomeGuru in Yahoo Property