Malaysia Land Chapter 3: Sub-divison, Partition, Amalgamation and Conversion

Chapter 3: Sub-divison, Partition, Amalgamation and Conversion

a) Sub-division
An application to the Land Office to sub-divide the land into two or more portions with seperate title. Meaning, if you own 10acres of land, you can sub-divide it into 1acre per title, and you will have 10 titles with you. Bear in mind that nothing comes free, with this, the annual rent for the land will be revised and premium are to be paid accordingly. Sub-division can be apply to TL, CL, NT, PL and Malay Reserve land.

E.g. Father own 10acres, but before he transfer the land to his two sons, he can sub-divide the land into two portions and transfer to them accordingly. No dispute in the future when the father pass away.

b) Partition
Almost the same with sub-division only different scenario and procedure. Partition of land are applied when there is co-Proprietorship to the land. Meaning, two or more owners own the land. The complication in this process is that, you need consent from all owners in order to partition the land out from the original land title.

E.g. 10acres own by 10 owners. Mr No.1 wants to build a house at his portion of 1 acre. So he will have to get consent from the other 9 owners to partition out his 1acre from the total 10acres. After approval from Land Office, two new title will be issue out respectively with 9acres and 1acre.

c) Amalgamation
The application to amalgamate two or more land into one title. Normally this act are used by developer when they develop 5 pieces of land (each with 2acres) simultaneously. They will amalgamate all the 5 titles into 1 title, so that they only have to pay certain fees one time, not 5 times. However, amalgamation will only be approve if and only the said 5titles shares the boundary together. Meaning, 1st and 2nd lot can be amalgamate, but not 1st and 3rd lot.

d) Conversion
Conversion of land can be apply by owners if they wish to change the land usage or land classification in order to have better bank-able value or prior to development purposes. Conversion will only be approved upon fulfilling certain conditions.

1) Converting Agricultural land usage to Residential, Commercial or Industrial usage or Residential to Commercial etc.
2) Converting NT land into CL land. PL into CL.

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