How To Be A Smart Property Investor Like Renesial Leong (Seminar)

How To Be A Smart Property Investor Like Renesial Leong

You are invited to come and discover how you can be like Renesial Leong and how you can learn the strategies used by her at the The2-Hour How To Be A Smart Property Investor Seminar, which will be presented by her ownhand-picked Seminar Presenter.

Itis a fact that property investments have created more millionaires than any other investment. So if youare looking for a proven way to create wealth and achieve financial independence, then you must seriously consider propertyinvestment.

Youcan be just like Renesial Leong, who now has the choice to do what shelikes, take a holiday to wherever and whenever she feels like, and do the things she loves doing without worrying about finance. She is currentlyearning a six-figure passive income from property investment and she does not need to work anymore.

So don’t just dream about changing your life. Harness your intentions and turn it into reality!

Come to this 2-hour Seminar presented by Renesial’s hand-picked Presenter and find out how and when you can actually learndirectly from Renesial at her Never Work Again Workshops where youcan:

Receive fresh, hot, updated and practical insights of why, where, when, which and what tobuy when looking for properties.
Learn proven tactics andstrategies behind successful property investments.

Keep in step with relevant legal issues andregulations pertaining propertypurchases, financing options, tenancy, and many otherissues.

Enrich yourknowledge with classic principles of property purchase, fine-tuned over20 solid years ofexperience.

Explore networkingopportunities and share ideas with others having similar aspirations

And many many more…

1. Find out why youshould invest in Properties.
2. Find out how Property Investments can be aproven and sure method to creating wealth.
3. 2 major sources of income in Property Investments.
4. 3 key benefits of Property Investments.
5. Pitfalls to avoid.
6. Success strategies and is No-Money-Down possible?
7. Find out if Property Investment is the option for you to build your Money-Making- Machine.
8. Find out how you can benefit from Renesial’s 20 years of “tried and tested”experience in this business.

Date: 27 October 2011 & 3 November 2011
Time: 8pm-10pm
Venue: Hilton Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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Who is Renesial Leong?
Asia’s Queen of Properties,with over 20 years of proven track record and Author of the Bestsellers, “Property Jewels”, “Your Tenants Your Jewels”,Commercial Property Jewels & “Magic of Property Investment”

Renesial Leong isan extremely successful property investor with 20 years of proven trackrecord in the field of real estate investment. She has analysed over 2,000units of property throughout her investment career. She is also currentlyearning a substantial PASSIVE income through propertyinvestment.

She has also written ‘Property Jewels’, the first Malaysian Property Investment guidebook which has passed the million mark in sales. It has also been translated to Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin due to popular demand. Her second book ‘YourTenants, Your Jewels’ unfolded stories of her experiences and her blue chiptenants.

Renesial Leong stands out as a Specialist in herfield, as she not only understands the increasingly complex property investment arena, but she ‘walks the talk’.

Her proven ‘Touch of Gold’ has reaped her the respect and wealth through appreciation and returns on her investments. Her stable of tenants include college students,expatriates, Citylink, McDonalds, Tai ThongRestaurant, Secret Recipe, Medicare, LamachHoldings, Gapima, Angel Cake House, TimeWireless, Linguaphone, Kurnia Insurance and many others.

Renesial’s strategies are the incisive, tried-and-tested experience which spans the necessary know-how for every investor, both newand veteran.